Watercolor Veil Paintings

Watercolor paintings are done in the European veil painting method developed by Liane Collot d’Herbois creating a “color space”. Most depict light and darkness, atmosphere and movement in color.

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All the work I do is out of a sense of wonder. Wonder at the beauty of Mother Nature. My watercolors depict the Laws of Light, Darkness, and Color. My photographs show these same laws observed in the world of nature. I love seeing the phenomena of color changing in the atmosphere. I hope you’ll find this work interesting and that it will touch you in a deep place in your soul. It is healing to do it and healing to see it.


“Flowers are the beautiful hieroglyphs of Nature, with which She indicates how much She loves us.”

— Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

“Apple Blossoms”

Photographs are color
and black and white depicting
the beauty of Mother Nature.



“Weaving Color”


Color-In-Color Prints are soft
like velvet and extremely valuable,
nay, nearly priceless!